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Piano on Dim Stage


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Read below for details of all services

 All services are now available!!

Pop Piano will be offering it's full array of services and extras in the coming weeks!

Retro Clock and Glowing Lights

only $5 a lesson!!!

Weekly Lesson Videos

Pop Piano's Flagship Service, this is where most of the exciting stuff happens! Popular Songs are picked out weekly that emphasize a technique, applied theory or playing style. These videos are "drip-fed" to active subscribers along with downloadable content like PDF's and Midi files so that you can take a week to review and "gamify" what you have learned. Retention is one our higher priorities!

Recording Studio

Custom Song Orders

Haven't seen "your" song on the list yet? Well..... GREAT NEWS!

You aren't limited to what is on the lesson path!

If there is a song you are passionate about learning and would like a video lesson of that song you can make a custom order! They start at ONLY $15. But keep in mind: if the song is above your current level of playing, it will be your dedication that will get the most out it! These custom videos are subject to demand. 

Dramatic Pianist

Theory Crash Course

An incredibly important supplement for those who are just starting and those who have ANY uncertainties in their theory or musical language. This is an essential one-time purchase that is fully downloadable and you get to keep forever. This is about 2 years of music lessons expertly condensed to a handful of videos. Benefit from my 17 years of teaching and really learning how to expedite what took me years to learn! Mind blowing! Plus, you literally save over $4000 when you compare to paying for 2 years of live lessons!

Piano Recital

Live Zoom Lessons

In the event that you need special attention or would just like more live interactions and feedback, a live zoom lesson can be scheduled. "Songwork" classes will be one on one, while "Theorywork" will be a group call. They are upon request and not regularly scheduled. This is a great way to get specific answers and extra tips and tricks!

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