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1 on 1 Zoom lessons:
These lessons are tailored to your needs. We start by having you fill out the form to the right. Tell me what song you want to learn and what level you're at and this will determine your needs - length of lesson, number of lessons and price.
Next we communicate a time that works for both of us.
All of the above is handled via email and subject to demand.

It is preferable but not required to have your keyboard hooked up to your computer for the lesson. We will both screen share so we can see exactly what we are each playing.
Before requesting a live lesson it is highly recommended that you go through the Theory Crash Course so as not to use live lesson time to cover basics instead of getting to what you want to learn.

Group Lessons:
These are meant for students who want further guidance and instruction with music theory and application. Examples and demonstrations will be used to answer most questions and only the instructor will be screen sharing. Group lessons often bring out great student perspectives and answer questions you didn't know you have! These classes are subject to attendance minimums and availability. Available lesson times and prices will be posted below. (Coming soon)
About the deposit:

How these classes work...

Due to the required time to correspond and coordinate either lesson type, a non-refundable deposit is required. It is credited towards a lesson for two attempts to schedule when availability is disclosed. For 1 on 1, if the the student is more than 10 minutes late the deposit is absorbed and the lesson is cancelled. This helps assure that I did not go through preparations and reserved my time for a loss. 
Which do you prefer? (optional)

(A deposit for scheduling is required)


Select an item ($)

We'll be in touch ASAP!

Check availabilities here!

Click below to see when I'm offering group lessons. If you see a time that works for you request it before it fills up!

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