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What kind of keyboard or equipment do I need?

In today's age it's easy to get lost with all the technology available to play with and use as learning tools. On this page I'll untangle all the cords for you and simplify a range of selections and how to use them to maximize your Pop Piano experience by providing you direct links to my product and software recommendations!


The right instrument can make or break your musical progress!! Here are my top three picks for students..


A must-have in modern learning...
You can import your Pop Piano Midi files and "gamify" your practice time!
For the beginners....

Click on each 

image for details!

For a hobby...
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 1.33.37 AM.png
Click on the picture above to learn how to hook up your keyboard to Synthesia
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Click to get
For the committed...
These are all as budget friendly as they get so it is highly recommended that you get the bench and stand bundle for any of these. The number one reason students quit is lack of stimulation from their instrument. Have a committed station for your learning experience!
Click below
to learn how to import your Pop Piano Midi files into Synthesia
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