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What Pop Piano is...

  • Learning how to play full sounding versions of songs to sing along to

  • Learning the language of music using popular songs

  • Learning to speak music like you learned your first verbal language

  • Teaching you to eventually teach yourself your favorite songs so you can learn as many as you want to!

  • Subconsciously build skills as you go

  • A carefully selected "song path" that teaches you techniques and styles that are most commonly used 

  • A proprietary system with content that maximizes retention

  • A customizable experience

  • Secrets of music revealed that don't need to be secrets

  • Loads of tricks and tips to make playing and learning easier and fun

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What Pop Piano is NOT...

  • Slow and tedious reading

  • "Tracing" notes  or playing "Copy Cat" and not learning how to properly play them 

  • Learning melodies that are small sounding and subject to your memory or reliant on an app being in front of you

  • Exercises that are inapplicable to what you want to learn

  • Complex concepts that make you feel lost

  • Intricate patterns and long sequences of notes you're expected to memorize

  • Irrelevant and boring music or childish playing

  • Jazz or Classical music

  • Limiting content

  • A system that leaves you only to play the songs you learned within the course

  • Live piano lessons that you'll forget and not be able to review

  • A course that will break the bank. 


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This is a fun video of one of my shows where I'm doing everything that Pop Piano teaches. Learn from a real professional with real experience!

This is a promo video that gives a fun song example. Does this spark an idea? Don't forget you can custom order songs! 

Check out more videos on my YouTube channel by clicking on my logo embedded in this video!

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