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Weekly Pop (Only $5 A Lesson!)

  • 26Weeks

IT'S HERE! Pop Piano is proud to create a fun approach to learning how to play the piano while learning the language of music. Each song is strategically added to the program to show examples of applied theory and techniques - so you are truly learning while you are having fun! We add peripherals that you can use to maximize your experience and retention. If you sign up for "Weekly Pop", Pop Piano assumes that you know the very basics of music. This includes but is not limited to: - All Note Names - All Major and Minor Chords - Scales and Keys If you don't have a full understanding of those things, it is highly recommended to purchase and go through our "Theory Crash Course", which is about 2 years worth of music lessons compacted into 6 Sessions saving you THOUSANDS of dollars! Without this base knowledge you may find yourself stumbling through "Weekly Pop" and not getting the most of it. IMPORTANT: TAKE YOUR TIME! Mastery of each song is NOT required to move on to the next week; only that you complete the videos and quizzes to ensure the understanding of the concepts introduced in each lesson before moving on. Pop Piano offers weekly lessons broken down into "bite-sized" videos for those who cannot commit to more than average of 10 minutes at a time. You have full control of the pace you take in new information every week!

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