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Have you ever wanted to...

- Play your favorite songs from the radio?
- Rock out with your friends wrapped around the piano?
- Just sit down at the piano and sing your heart out And NOT depend on an app or book to be in front of you?

Sign up today and receive a free gift!!!


 It's  what  I  do  for  a  living!!! 

Hi! My name is Dario and I've been playing at famous piano bars for the last 12 years, entertaining tens of thousands of people a year and playing an average of 250 shows a year! Every week I make news friends and fans, and I hear the same thing...... 

"I took piano lessons when I was younger and I wish I didn't quit!"

- or -

"I wish I can do what you do"

Actual footage from my show!

You Can!!

Today I'm here to tell you...

Welcome to Pop Piano!

Sign up today and receive a free gift!!! 

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Services Offered:

  • Weekly Lessons for 

       ONLY $5 A LESSON

  • Downloadable content

       (Pdf's, Midi Files for Synthesia)

  • Theory Crash Course

       (For beginners and refreshers)

  • Custom Song Orders!

  • One on One zoom lessons!

  • Free Bonus Songs!

  • Loyalty Rewards Program!

Sign up today and receive a free gift!!!

Learn from your favorite artists and bands!

 Journey   Billy Joel   Maroon 5  

The Beatles   The Weeknd   Green Day   Billie Eilish   The Eagles   Lady Gaga   Elton John   Foo Fighters   Bruno Mars

   Fleetwood Mac   Justin Timberlake     

And More!

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